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.one file cannot be accessed

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  • .one file cannot be accessed

    Hi, I have ONenote 2007, every day I work with it. Today I decided to archive my important .one files. ONe of my onenote files at opening shows: "OneNote cannot access the notebook cache file. It may be corrupted. OneNote will restart and create a new cache file."

    I reinstalled my program, but has the same error.

    Anyone please suggest me, what to do next?

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    Simple following steps must assist you...

    1. In OneNote check File | Open Backup. If you see the missing notebook there then double-click it.

    2. The way to "recover" a closed notebook is simply re-open it ....

    Using File, Open, Notebook ... and navigating if necessary to the notebook within Windows.

    Normally you find it under Onenote Notebooks under Documents (in W7).

    A Onenote notebook is nothing else than an equally named folder (!) within the Windows file system.


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      I suppose it must be the virus or malware.

      1. Check PC for viruses.
      2. Apply guide on the top