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EDB File corrupted in Exchange Server 2010

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  • EDB File corrupted in Exchange Server 2010

    Few Days ago i faced a very difficult situation when my EDB File of Exchange server 2010 Corrupted and unfortunately I have no backup. Now just want to repair it but all the effort done by my it staff is not work.

    What to do now, Can anybody give me some suggestion?

    Thanks in advance

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    You ran the following:

    eseutil /g
    eseutil /p
    isinteg -fix -test alltests

    Run Eseutil in /P (repair) mode.
    The easiest way to do this is to have both database files (.EDB and .STM) in the same directory (which they usually are). If they're in different places, you're going to have to point to the files on the command line.
    Eseutil is located in the \exchsrvr\bin directory


    eseutil /p c:\exchsrvr\mdbdata\db1.edb /sd:\exchsrvr\mdbdata\db1.stm /te:\temp.edb

    This command line will repair DB1.EDB located on C: along with its matching .STM file located on D: and will put the temporary file on the E: drive.

    If your streaming database file (.STM) is not matched to the database file (.EDB) or it has a problem that is blocking repair, you can add the /i switch to the repair command line.
    The /i option ignores the signature mismatch error in the check phase. The database and streaming file will receive new signatures in the repair phase.

    Repair can take a while--hours. When it finishes, it will leave you with a very detailed log file of what it did called .integ.raw.

    Not quit finished yet, there are two more steps to complete.

    Please see some more links in the conclusion for examples of the command line and a brief intro to the exchange utilities

    Here is an article if you need more info:


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      First solution aided me immediately, I hope I wouldn't use second method

      But otherwise it must be more effective, if files are seriously corrupted.


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        You may also make next.

        Create a new mailbox A,copy all the files(.edb file ,log files) to A

        then repair the mailbox with commands:
        eseutil -mh "********.edb(path of edb)"
        eseutil -p "********.edb(path of edb)"
        eseutil -d "********.edb(path of edb)"
        ISINTEG -s MAIL -fix -test alltests

        and all the account will be in the disconnected accounts box , recover it , everything back