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Exchange 2010 database recovering

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  • Exchange 2010 database recovering

    Hi all.
    In our company we have two servers, one of which is Exchange Server. And of course exactly this Server crashed. I reinstalled OS and rebuild the Exchange Server (from program files). And now users can login, receive or send their mails, but we are lost all the old mails. We have no backup and I don`t know how to restore the mails…any ideas?

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    Obviously the .edb files got corrupted. Try to convert the corrupted file to .pst format.


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      Try the following:
      Create a new mailbox, copy all the files in it - .edb, log files and so on. And then just repair the mailbox with commands:
      eseutil -mh "********.edb(path of edb)"
      eseutil -p "********.edb(path of edb)"
      eseutil -d "********.edb(path of edb)"
      ISINTEG -s MAIL -fix -test alltests
      and all the account will be in the disconnected accounts box , recover it , everything back.

      If this does not help, when have a look on this thread, hope it wil help.
      How big is that mailbox (both size & item count) & is it significantly larger than other mailboxes in the environment? It might be worthwhile to move the mailbox to a new database just because if there is any corruption, it'll sort it out. The other option would be to then run an isinteg but that would affect the entire database. Try to look at the answer here: 2. I was rescued by it: EDB Repair Kit This Exchange EDB repair software is the only tool required for comprehensive, fast and cost-efficient recovery of Exchange server data after serious data corruption accidents. For more information: Hope this helpful. Regards


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        How about internal exchange recover utility from Microsoft?

        Usually it is the most obvious resolution.